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Parents struggle to cope with unexpected snow days

(Courtesy Nancy Huff)

Moms and dads scramble to find childcare for cancelled school days

Working around not being able to telecommute as more snow hits the South Coast

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – A snow day might be every kid’s dream but it can be a nightmare for working parents who are suddenly left scrambling for childcare. And some parents admit, they are trying to quickly adapt to these unexpected days off.

While some people are able to work from home, others don’t have flexible bosses or jobs that allow that.

Charlene is a mother NEWS 1130 spoke to this morning and she explains how she survived sudden snow days. “I was lucky enough when my kids were younger that I had my mother-in-law and mother being able to help out quite a bit. Parents got to deal with it. I was lucky enough to have my parents, but it’s tough, it’s hard and I wouldn’t want to do it again.”

Other parents suggest having a plan in place by using the buddy-system with other moms and dads or find a retired individual in your neighbourhood who may be able to help out. Others feel if you are working from home then simply turn on the TV to babysit and “just own it.”