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Advocate argues stricter distracted driving laws won't help make roads safer

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Stricter laws for people using cell phones behind the wheel won't do much to make BC roads safer

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC drivers advocate says new laws against cell phone users would do little to make roads safer.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau wants the provinces to create a tougher national standard to penalize distracted drivers using their cellphones on the road.

But a BC drivers advocate says new laws would do little to make roads safer.

Derek Lewers says out of all the reasons people die on BC roads, distracted driving with cell phones make up a very very small percentage.

“The average deaths per year on BC roads due to cell phone use or electronic communication devices is about one point two people out of the approximately three hundred deaths on BC roads every year.”

He adds the number of deaths caused by cell phone use have remained relatively flat since 2004 despite there being more phones out there.

He says anything that distracts you from looking at the road can put you at risk, politicians are overblowing the problem and should instead focus on education, not punishment and costly enforcement.