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Green Party sees boost in support: poll

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver. (Source: facebook.com/AndrewWeaverMLA)

New numbers show the Green Party is gaining support ahead of May's election

More people seem to support the Greens, but few know who their leader is, says pollster

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – It looks like whatever the BC Green Party is doing, is working. A new poll from Mainstreet/Postmedia finds the party is up four percentage points.

“It’s a sharp uptick… but the question is whether they will be able to maintain that support,” points out Mainstreet President Quito Maggi. “Only 42 per cent of BC Green Party voters say their support is strong — significantly lower than for the three other parties.”

However, one downfall appears to be no one knows who the party leader is. The poll finds Andrew Weaver continues to be a virtual unknown with over 50 per cent of voters saying they are not familiar with him or they don’t have a clear opinion of him.

“The BC Greens should be taken seriously, but they will need to solidify their leadership standings and support strength to shake off the appearance of being placeholders. The favourability ratings for the three party leaders are all relatively unchanged from when we last looked at their ratings from February 25th and 26th. Christy Clark now registers a net disapproval rating of -31, while John Horgan is at +7 and Andrew Weaver is at +2,” explains Maggi.

Those surveyed were also asked about how they feel when it comes to major transportation projects across the region and it looks like many folks are divided. “When it comes to replacing the George Massey Bridge, Greater Vancouver residents are split. Thirty-one per cent support a 10-lane toll bridge while 29 per cent support the position of local mayors: a smaller, less expensive bridge with expanded public transit. 12 per cent would like to see something else while another 28 per cent are undecided on the matter.”

The provincial election is slated for May 9th.