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Marijuana to become legal by Canada Day 2018: report

Last Updated Mar 27, 2017 at 7:53 am PST

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OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – The federal Liberals have reportedly set a date to officially legalize marijuana.

The CBC reports the government will unveil legislation the week of April 10 and that the recreational use of marijuana is set to be legal by Canada Day of next year.

According to the Globe and Mail, the federal government is scrambling to draft legislation ahead of April 20, the day when pro-weed groups publicly “light up.”

The minimum age to buy pot will be 18, but provinces could set a higher limit. It’s also up to the provinces to control distribution and sales. Also, four marijuana plants will be allowed in each household.

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had signalled the legislation would be drawn up this spring to make good on his campaign promise to legalize pot.

All storefront marijuana dispensaries are currently illegal while the federal government drafts legislation to legalize and regulate recreational pot.

Dispensaries have been frequent robbery targets over the last few months. Several shops have been held up, often at gunpoint, and in some instances shots were fired.

Earlier this month, police arrested Marc and Jodie Emery – the owners of the Cannabis Culture brand – and raided a number of Cannabis Culture dispensaries across Canada.

“It’s very exciting given that we activists have spent decades struggling with a very uphill battle to convince politicians to legalize,” Jodie said.

“But it does consume me that the Liberals continue to order the police to carry out arrests on regular citizens for either possession or working at dispensaries, or myself, facing life in prison for operating dispensaries.”

Emery also said the federal government should decriminalize marijuana immediately and instate a moratorium until legalization is complete. She thinks it’s unethical to give citizens criminal records for pot while legislation is being drafted, and further backlog our justice system because police are selfishly interested in filling their quotas.