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Council considers new location for permanent 420 festivals

Last Updated Mar 28, 2017 at 8:17 pm PST

Annual 420 rally held at Sunset Beach in Vancouver. (Stephanie Froese, NEWS 1130 Photo)

2017 could be final year 420 event is at Sunset Beach

Vancouver City Councillor proposes other, more permanent locations

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) -The massive 420 marijuana festival may be held at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach for the last time this year, with the Vancouver City Council looking at other locations for future events.

The 420 smoke-in event draws thousands of people each year on April 20.

Organizers were denied a permit to hold the event at Sunset Beach this year, but they say it will go ahead there anyway because they couldn’t find an alternative location.

Now a Vancouver City Councillor is proposing some ideas for a permanent, yearly location. They include an area of False Creek near the Cambie Bridge, or even moving the event back to its original location in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Councillor Adriane Carr says the event could have moved this year, if the Park Board had considered organizers’ requests for a permit close to eight months ago.

“We’re picking up the ball at the City Council table. I think it’s right that we do this. Because the goal has to be that the event is permanent, so the people who are putting this event on bear the cost. The cost of policing, traffic control and of clean-up.”

Carr says organizers are cooperating. and are looking forward to finding something a little more permanent.