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Clark responds after awkward run-in with voter on the campaign trail

Last Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 4:14 pm PST

BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark at a campaign stop in Burnaby. (Kenny Mason, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Bizarre run-in forces BC Liberal leader to laugh off her critics

Clark says she's focused on the undecided voter as she continues campaigning

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) – BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark is responding to an awkward encounter with a voter at a grocery store yesterday in North Vancouver.

A woman named Linda told Clark face-to-face that she would never vote for the Liberal leader. Clark responded with, “You don’t have to. That’s why we live in a democracy.” Linda followed that up with, “Thank goodness.”

The awkward exchange prompted the hashtag #IamLinda on social media and then it started trending.

Clark didn’t stick around to talk to Linda and to learn why she wouldn’t support the Liberals, which has raised some eyebrows among her critics. However, one day later, Clark believes it’s all a part of the democratic process, and suggests it’s a waste of time to talk to her staunch opposition.

Clark says the type of situation she was faced with is pretty rare on the campaign trail, adding she’s more focused on the undecided voter rather than those who have already chosen not to vote for her. “And she said she didn’t vote for me last time, she’s never voted BC Liberals, she never will and she’s not going to vote for me again. Perfect. That’s her right. And if you never want to change your mind once about you want to vote from the time you started voting, that is your right in a democratic society.”

She claims there are a lot of people who would normally vote for the BC NDP, but are switching to the Liberals because of people like Leader John Horgan. “Because John Horgan will do nothing but kill jobs and he has proven that when it comes to standing up for BC workers and forestry, for example, he folds like a cheap tent.”

The provincial election is May 9th.