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A different side to BC's party leaders

Last Updated May 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm PDT

The stage is set for the first official leadership debate of the 2017 provincial election. (Bruce Claggett, NEWS 1130 Photo)

What really makes the leaders of our three main parties tick?

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You’ve heard their positions on transit, child care, and education, but who are the leaders when they aren’t in campaign mode? We asked Christy Clark, John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a few questions that offered a different insight into the Premier hopefuls.

Favourite Food

Clark: Pasta

Weaver: Adrian’s Burrito “You can buy them in the Cook Street Village in Victoria. The chorizio burrito… it’s amazing.’

Horgan: Halibut
If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be?

Clark: “Invisibility. You can go places and nobody knows you’re there. You can get on planes for free!”

Weaver: “The ability to fly. Why would it be that way? Because then I wouldn’t have to get stuck in HeliJet at Harbour Air and actually get from Victoria to Vancouver.”

Horgan: “To grow my hair back! The consensus was I would be a better super-hero if I had better hair.”
What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Horgan: “Beautiful Stranger by Madonna, largely because it played such a prominent role in Austin Powers.”

Clark: “That’s so embarrassing. Wake Me Up Before You Go, by Wham.”

Weaver: “Pharrell Williams, Happy.”
If you were called up to sing something at a karaoke bar, what are you singing?

Weaver: “The Animals, House of The Rising Sun. Love that song, love it in karaoke, get right behind it and get some passion into it.”

Horgan: “Behind Blue Eyes, by Pete Townsend and The Who. No one knows what’s it’s like to be the sad man.”

Clark: “Mack The Knife”
Favourite Team:

Horgan: “My favourite sports team is the Canucks unless it’s July then it’s the Lions.”

Weaver: “The Edmonton Oilers. This is our year! I’m not going to change who I am being an Oilers fan since the 80’s.”

Clark “Canucks.”
Favorite Band

Weaver: U2

Clark: The Clash

Horgan: The Skydiggers
Favourite Movie:

Weaver: The Shrek Series

Clark: Bullworth

Horgan: Caddyshack “I’d play on. I don’t think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for awhile yet.”

Beer or Wine?

Horgan: “Beer guy. I’m a red beer drinker. I like Rickard’s Red, I like craft beers that are pale or red.”

Clark: “I love beer, I love wine. If I’m in the Okanagan it’s wine, if I’m in Vancouver it’s beer.”

Weaver “A beer snob. Gotta be craft beer. Will not even touch Labatt’s, Blue, Molson Canadian. Only craft beer because they’re so sweet and so yummy.”
Who Was Your Hero as a kid?

Weaver: “David Suzuki as a young adult, Jacques Cousteau as a kid.”

Clark: Mary Tyler Moore

Horgan: “My mom. My dad died when I was a baby, and my mom raised me and she shaped into the person I am today.’

Plane, Train, Automobile or Boat:

Horgan: “Train. Relaxing, you can look out the window, you can see places you’ve never seen, and most of the time there isn’t traffic coming the other way.”

Weaver: “Plane.”

Clark: “Boat. 100 per cent boat. I love boating!”

Ideal spot for a vacation in BC?

Clark: Gulf Islands

Horgan: “I’m going to land on the Kootenays. Anywhere in the Nelson, Castlegar region up through Nukusp spectacular.”

Weaver: “Parksville. We go there every year.’

Reporters James Cybulski and John Ackermann hear from the leaders: