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Online voting the future for smoother BC elections?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 4:12 pm PDT

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The Centre for E-Democracy hopes in the near future we will adopt e-voting

Research hub admits there are risks and concerns

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We are still waiting for an official election result in British Columbia, but one research hub believes online voting could have solved some of the problems.

There are systems where we could get the final numbers instantly. Nicole Goodman is an expert on online voting and she says heading to the internet for an election would mean faster results.

“It can help to get some of the human error and make some processes more efficient.”

Goodman, from the Centre for E-Democracy, hopes in the near future we will be able to adopt e-voting.

“When we do studies and look at the type of people who are more likely to vote by internet we see that these are people who in past elections maybe didn’t vote because they were too busy, because they were out of town, because of mobility issues.”

But Goodman admits there are still questions around the practice.

“There is also a certain level of risk that you take,” she says.

“So definitely security is the primary concern. Some people might be concerned about a private company, if it were contracted out, having access to data or being part of the election.”

There are also risks including voter fraud and the threat of hacking. Goodman says that is seen a lot at local levels, such as businesses or even with some municipal elections.

She believes the technology is advancing and one day, maybe soon, we’ll be able to cast our ballot without leaving the comfort of our own home.