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Give clean opioids to users: VPD

FILE - The opioid crisis in continues to disproportionally affect vulnerable B.C. First Nations people. (iStock Photo)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Vancouver Police want doctors to be able to prescribe drug users with clean opioids as an effort to reduce opioid trafficking and deaths.

Drugs such as heroin and cocaine tainted with much more powerful opioids have been responsible for hundreds of deaths across the province and VPD say its time for government… and by proxy the public to provide clean sources.

It’s part of a new report from VPD that offers five recommendations on how to remmedy the ongoing opioid crisis.

Councillor Kerry Jang helped build the report.

“It’s something that British Columbian and the federal government should have done years ago and now we’re paying the price.”

Other recommendations include more oversight and coordination, creating immediate evidence based addiction treatment, addressing gaps in opiod health care statistics, and increasing public awareness.