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Warming temperatures prompt warning about pets in hot cars


Never leave your pet in a hot car, their condition could decline rapidly

Call the police if you see an animal in distress

Don't break a car window yourself, wait for officers

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – With the heat comes another warning for pet owners from the SPCA: don’t leave your pets inside of hot vehicles.

Marcie Moriarty with the BC SPCA says she has to remind people every year. “It’s absolutely not acceptable at all, at any time to leave your dog or pet in the car in this type of heat.”

Moriarty says to call 911 immediately if you see an animal that has stopped moving inside a vehicle.

“They have the authority to break into that vehicle and remove that animal,” says Moriarty, who adds there are some other things you can.

“The first thing [you] want to do is take an assessment of what that animal is doing. If the animal’s not moving, non-responsive, you know the situation is urgent.”

Take a calm educational approach which often works better than an angry confrontation.
Though this is a sensitive topic for many, Moriarty reminds you not to take matters into your own hands.

“I can’t advise anybody breaking windows because technically that would be illegal unless you are a police officer or an SPCA constable.” She hopes education and a rational voice will help decrease the number of cases this year.

The SPCA claims hundreds of calls are made reporting animals in hot cars every month in the summer months.

Unfortunately, however, there are only about 30 special prevention constables for the entire province, so the likelihood a constable can get there in time is low.

“That’s why we recommend people contact the police.”