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Martin Mars water bomber to be airworthy this summer

Martin Mars (Photo courtesy martinmars.com)

The iconic Martin Mars water bomber has been around since World War II but hasn't flown since last year

Operators want to have the aircraft airworthy again in late August

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – With the arrival of wildfire season in British Columbia, people will inevitably start asking about the plane that has been the face of firefighting for years.

The iconic Martin Mars water bomber has been around since World War II, hasn’t flown since last year and hasn’t seen any real firefighting action in even longer.

The iconic red and white plane has become an icon in British Columbia over the years, but was damaged en route from an air show in Wisconsin last year.

Wayne Coulson runs Coulson Flying Tankers which operates the plane.

“The Mars, when we were in Oshkosh at the air show last year, we bumped the bottom of the lake so we’ve had to do some repairs to it. They’re just about finalized. And we started a program called the ultimate flying experience.”

“So we’re gonna have the aircraft back airworthy in late August. And we have some customers coming from around the world that will be flying on the airplane. So we will have it airworthy later on in the year.”

Coulson Flying Tankers operates Lockheed C-130 Hercules bombers and will soon start using the larger Boeing 737-300 aircraft as well.