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Air Canada commercial shoot mistaken for fighter jet escort

Last Updated May 29, 2017 at 11:05 pm PDT

Not a fighter jet (Photo @joeposte via Twitter)

Not a fighter jet escorting a commercial flight

Air Canada film shoot

Airline says it Tweeted about the air-to-air filming

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Did you see those two planes flying low over the city?

A commercial shoot in the sky over southern BC freaked a lot of people out.

Many believed an Air Canada flight was under fighter jet escort which only happens in serious situations.

However, it was a Wolfe Air Learjet filming an Air Canada 787 flying over southern BC.

Our phone board lit up, with numerous callers concerned something more sinister was happening over the province.

Air Canada did Tweet in the afternoon about the filming taking place but we believe they did not issue a press release.

We asked Air Canada about the notification process for such a fly-over.

Here’s the airline’s response:

“Please check our Twitter feed as we issued our alerts this afternoon re: our air-to-air filming mission plans. As we have for the previous 2 filming missions over the past 2 years, we issued a series of tweets to advise the public and media, advised YVR and all 911 operators in BC. Initial video clips have also been tweeted of the amazing footage from this air-to-air mission.”