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Bike share program should change prices, says local bike company

Last Updated Jun 4, 2017 at 8:06 pm PDT

(Kayla Butler, NEWS 1130, Photo)

Mobi's move into Stanley Park could be regarded as encroaching on terrain typically served by local bike rental companie

Local bike company says there should be two-tiered pricing for Mobi customers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Members of Vancouver’s bike share program can now pick up and drop off at five spots in Stanley Park.

The move might be seen as Mobi encroaching on terrain typically served by local bike rental companies.

When Mobi was launched last year, bike rental companies near Stanley Park began to worry they would lose business.

Paul Dragan with Reckless Bike Stores says he’s lucky in that his outlets aren’t competing with the Mobi stations in the park, but he says changes could be made to level the playing field.

“Why doesn’t Mobi do two-tier pricing? The Mobi mantra is that it’s for citizens, not for tourists. Why don’t they do it like they do it in Whistler? They have local pricing and they have visitor pricing.”

A 24-hour pass with Mobi costs $9.75. Rides are meant to be only 30 minutes long, and charges apply if cyclists go beyond that time frame.

A bike rental from a shop costs around $7 an hour.

Still, Dragan says he has an edge over bike sharing.

“The advantage of renting from a bike store versus Mobi is that you can get a bike in your size. If you have kids, need a trailer, or have a special requirement, Mobi won’t work well for you.”

He says there will be a period of adjustment for companies like his, as Mobi gets settled in.