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Millennium Line extension consultation hears concerns about disruptions

The Millenium Line Broadway Extension project. (Courtesy TransLink)

The City of Vancouver and TransLink are holding consultations on the extension today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some people at the consultation have expressed concern about possible disruptions on Broadway during construction

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Vancouverites have turned out to a public consultation on the proposed Millennium Line Broadway extension, many of them with concerns about the possibility of disruptions like the city saw on the Cambie Street Corridor when the Canada Line was built.

The project will be a direct extension of the existing Millennium Line, continuing from VCC–Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 800 metres, then travelling approximately 5 kilometres beneath Broadway. The project includes 6 new stations, ending at Arbutus Street. A future phase of investment will connect rapid transit to UBC.

At a public consultation near Cambie Station, Jesse Koehler, with TransLink, says there has been plenty of interest from transit users, and locals.

“There’s certainly a lot of enthusiasm for the project. Lots of questions too. A lot of interest in delivering this line as soon as possible.”

Stephanie Ko is one of many with concerns about the construction period, and the impact it will have on the Broadway area.

“When the Cambie Canada Line was being done there was a lot of construction, and it felt like it took a long time. So I feel like this will be a big deal too in the future.”

Edwin Kwong has similar concerns.

“The construction part is obviously going to be a big issue, it was the same issues that affected up and down the Cambie corridor.”

“I mean we got through it, right? It works out really well. But during the construction phase there was a lot of disruption.”

Koehler, with TransLink, acknowledges there’s plenty of interest in how the project can be completed with minimal disruption to the Broadway corridor.

“A lot of interest in how do we best structure the construction process so that we manage any impacts and we make sure that the corridor continues to thrive while the project is being constructed.”

“Right now, we’re undertaking a process to really define the requirements under which an eventual contractor for the project would deliver the construction while also making sure that the corridor continues to function for all users throughout the construction period.”

Others at the consultation had questions about bicycle storage, and when the project will extend all the way to UBC.

The City of Vancouver and TransLink are holding consultations on the extension today, Tuesday and Wednesday.