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Despite string of shootings, violent crime is down in Surrey: RCMP

Last Updated Jun 27, 2017 at 2:01 pm PST

(Lasia Kretzel, NEWS 1130, Photo)

Surrey is on track for about one-third fewer shootings compared to previous years, say Mounties

Back-to-back shootings south of the Fraser has left some neighbourhoods on edge

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – Two days after a pair of men were hurt during a shootout in Fleetwood, the Surrey RCMP is investigating reports of yet more gunfire, this time in the Bridgeview neighbourhood. But despite plenty of headlines lately, Mounties insist violent crime in their community is actually on the decline.

Corporal Scotty Schumann says there has been a drop in shootings and violent crime. He adds despite 20 confirmed cases of gunfire this year, Surrey is on pace for about one-third fewer shootings than in 2016 and significantly less than the year prior.

But it appears the message is getting lost. “Almost all of our crime rates, not only violent crime but also property crime, are holding steady or have gone down. It’s a significant point to make because most people don’t realize that’s occurring in our city, so we’d like to get that message out.”

A couple of years ago Surrey saw a spike in shootings which were mainly attributed to the low-level drug trade. “After a large amount of covert and overt enforcement and a significant number of arrests, that shooting series essentially came to a halt and it continues this year with a remarkable reduction in shootings and violent crime to date.”

The Mounties are crediting the addition of about 100 Mounties to the force over the past year or so for helping curb the amount of crime south of the Fraser River. There are about 800 officers on the force. “We’re able to respond to calls quicker. There is a larger, visible presence and when you have that, generally, crime is not going to occur in the same area where you see a patrol car or an officer.”

No arrests have been following Sunday’s shooting that happened in broad daylight in the area of 86th Avenue and Prestige Place.