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Gauging voter cynicism as BC Liberal government could fall today

Last Updated Jun 29, 2017 at 9:24 am PDT


Non-confidence vote takes place this afternoon in Victoria which could topple the Liberal government after 16 years

There is a possibility have a snap election before the end of the summer

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The political winds are set to change direction in Victoria with the BC Liberal minority government expected to topple this afternoon in a confidence vote. The motion was introduced yesterday in the Legislature by NDP Leader John Horgan.

There have been weeks of back and forth and political power plays that have led up to this day and we’re looking at whether British Columbians have had it with the rhetoric.

The three main parties have not held back since the May 9th election when the Liberals squeaked out a minority government, leaving the NDP-Green alliance waiting in the wings.

And maybe you would think many voters would be turned off by the continued gamesmanship in Victoria, however, pollster Shachi Kurl the Angus Reid Institute says she’s found the opposite in her work.

“Put polling aside for just a second and when I hear when I’m out for a run or a walk people whizzing by talking about politics or talking about it amongst themselves on a park bench — you know it’s something on the minds of British Columbians.”

She adds if anything people are becoming more engaged than before. “Often when it comes to politics you don’t have situations like we have in British Columbia these days where we’re into unchartered territory. And that is something that has got people snap to attention. Not everyone but more people than usual. Stability can be another word for boring and people tend to tune out or turn off. It is not lost on British Columbians that this is an unprecedented time in BC politics and they’re responding accordingly.”

If the NDP and Greens succeed in today’s expected non-confidence vote, then the Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon will have to decide whether to dissolve the legislature and call a snap election, or allow the NDP to form a minority government with the backing of the Green party.

The vote is expected later this afternoon and NEWS 1130 has a reporter in Victoria to bring you the very latest.