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We all love being Canadian, but many prefer identifying as British Columbian

Last Updated Jun 29, 2017 at 8:58 am PDT


An unscientific poll done by NEWS 1130 looks at whether people identify as Canadian or British Columbian

Canada marks its 150th birthday this year

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Canada turns 150 on Saturday, and while all of our friends on social media love to boast about how great our country is, what is it that you really love about being Canadian? The opinions are as diverse as this country when we asked people on the streets of Vancouver this morning.

“I love that we don’t have guns everywhere,” laughs one woman. “That would be what I love most about Canada. You probably feel a little safer than you do in the United States.”

Another person, new to the country, says he loves the people. “The people are all very friendly. I’m an immigrant, [but] I just feel welcome here.”
Kevin also echoed the same sentiment. “I love the people and the freedoms we have,” he explains. “I don’t really have any pet peeves I think we tend to overstate those. Compared to the rest of the world we’re pretty well off.”

Colton is a big fan of living on the West Coast. “I love the fact I can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day.”

Speaking of that West Coast vibe, opinions were split when it came to national and provincial loyalty.

NEWS 1130 asked people if they were more proud to be Canadian or British Columbian. Vancouverites were mixed. Transplants mostly sided with nationalism, although James — who was born in Ontario — proved to be an exception. “I think we’re a little nicer on the West Coast than the East Coast, but maybe I’m a little bit biased. I’d say I’m more proud to be a British Columbian. I’m proud to be a Canadian, but when people ask where you’re from, the first thing I say is British Columbia, Canada.”

Michael wasn’t exactly firm with his answer. “I’d say Canadian first and British Columbian second but it’s hard to pick one. It depends on how I feel.”

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