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Awesome Canadian inventions

Last Updated Jun 30, 2017 at 7:38 am PDT

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The zipper, green garbage bag and insulin are among our accomplishments

Local exhibit on Canadian inventions in Vancouver this long weekend

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – While we celebrate Canada Day this long weekend, it’s a good time to recognize our country’s greatest contributions to the world and maybe some of our not-so-greatest inventions as well.

Sure, it was Canucks who came up with the lightbulb, insulin, basketball and the Bloody Caesar (clam nectar and booze, together at last!) but some quirkier innovations from the Great White North include the green garbage bag, instant mashed potatoes and Hawaiian pizza. And where would we be without the Robertson screw, the zipper, the self-propelled combine harvester and the retractable beer carton handle (you’re welcome world).

You can celebrate Canadian creativity this long weekend at Science World in Vancouver, where the Made in Canada exhibit features both historical and current inventors.

“We’re also celebrating the creativity that’s inherent in everybody, all Canadians,” says Sandy Eix, Director of STEM Learning at Science World.
“We’ve picked about 15 inventions to showcase in a physical form in the gallery and they include everything from the obvious, super famous candidates like the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell and insulin from Banting and Best,” she tells NEWS 1130. “But along with the life-changing, historical inventions, we have some that are fun and wacky like the poutine and the Wonderbra.”

Lift and separate, Canada!

“We have some that are amazing everyday objects that you don’t even think of as needing inventing, such as the egg carton. There are also some that can obviously be attributed to individuals, like Trivial Pursuit, and we have some that were invented what is now Canada but we don’t know who exactly invented them, like the birch bark canoe.”

Made in Canada also allows Canadians do some creating themselves by building the fastest bobsled, constructing a piece of Vancouver architecture or creating your own patriotic sound mashup, to share with friends. And permit us to add a few more innovations from north of 49 to the list.

You can thank Canadians for five pin bowling, the electron microscope, instant replay, the steam-powered fog horn, and the marine screw propeller along with the automatic lubricating cup and caulking gun.

Enjoy those this long weekend.