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Port Coquitlam mayor concerned about possible Burke Mountain development

An artistic illustration of what some of the Burke Mountain development vision looks like. (Courtesy City of Coquitlam)

PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) – Possible development over the next two decades on Burke Mountain has the mayor of neighbouring Port Coquitlam concerned.

Traffic is one of the major issues for Mayor Greg Moore, who explains the main road goes through his city, and who claims there’s already a lot of traffic along Coast Meridian.

“It’s not like it’s going through a highway system, it’s going through one major road network and then a whole bunch of local streets, and we’re seeing volumes increase all over the place around that.”

A letter has been sent asking the City of Coquitlam to limit any impacts as it decides how to move forward.

If the vision for Northwest Burke goes ahead as planned, Moore says that would mean tens of thousands more people living on the mountain.

Another major concern he has is about run-off that already impacts the watershed.

“We think we need to work with (the city) better to figure out a better way to manage and try to keep as much water on the hill and naturally flow out of the system instead of coming through roads and roofs and gutters quickly into the creek system”

Moore believes Coquitlam city council is set to vote on the final vision Monday, and will also respond to his concerns at that time.