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Crews unfazed about fireworks festival despite fluctuating fire danger rating

(Lasia Kretzel, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Fire danger rating was worse in 2015 compared to this year, claim crews

Annual fireworks event is at English Bay

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Given how dry the conditions have been of late, some are wondering if the upcoming Celebration of Light should be cancelled or pushed back to a later date.

The worry comes as the fire danger rating across the region right now is moderate and it could go up at any time, however, crews say they’re not concerned.

The last time we saw similar danger ratings was two years ago, in fact, the conditions were worse in 2015 than they are now and the popular event was not cancelled.

Vancouver Fire Captain Jonathan Gormick explains even if things heat up again and the rating goes up — the show will go on. “There is approximately a 400 metre exclusion zone all the way around the barge and that’s to keep passenger vessels [away] and that’s distance from the beach. So, our primary concern for safety would be obviously an incendiary or a source of ignition from the barge landing on a member of the public.”

Which he adds is a way bigger concern than starting a fire of some kind.

Just a few days ago the fire danger rating was high, but was lowered following a sprinkle of rain.

The annual Celebration of Light gets underway on July 29th and you can find the full schedule here.