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Housing advocates to protest proposed Metrotown development

The Metrotown Downtown Plan (Courtesy City of Burnaby)

Protesters are worried proposed "Metrotown Downtown Plan" will price out renters

The rally is planned for Monday, July 24th

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) –┬áThe “demoviction” debate is heating up once again in Burnaby, where housing advocates are holding a rally Monday night against a new proposal.

Two groups are concerned the proposed “Metrotown Downtown Plan” will price even more renters out of their neighbourhood, and are urging councillors to vote against it.

Dave Diewert with the Alliance Against Displacement says the plan would see thousands of apartments demolished in favour of high-rise luxury condos.

He claims the city is trying to sneak-in a vote before a month-long council break when no-one is paying attention.

“It’s the last meeting in the middle of the summer, the last meeting before a month-long break for city council. So, they’ve decided to vote on this when there will be no opposition,” explains Diewert. “They never tell you what’s on the agenda of their city council meeting until the Friday afternoon just before the Monday night meeting and we find this a bit astonishing.”

Members of the alliance will be joined by the Stop Demovictions Burnaby group, and plan to gather outside City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Demonstrators also plan to attend the council meeting, which starts at 7:00.