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BC's Attorney General vows to 'clean up mess' left at ICBC

Last Updated Aug 4, 2017 at 4:40 pm PDT

(Dustin Godfrey, NEWS 1130 photo)

BC's new Attorney General is 'deeply disturbed' about the financial state of ICBC

Eby repeats a promise that he won't hike auto insurance rates up to 30 per cent over the next two years

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – BC’s new Attorney General says he’s ‘deeply disturbed’ about the financial state of ICBC, but he won’t punish good drivers for poor governance by the previous Liberal government.

“Well, I’d like to reassure British Columbians that help has arrived. We’re on the job,” David Eby said, after having his first sit-down meeting with the head of the insurance corporation. “We will make the decisions that are necessary to ensure rates are affordable for British Columbians and we are taking the actions right now to ensure that is the case.”

Little more than two weeks into the job, he is also repeating a promise he won’t hike auto insurance rates up to 30 per cent over the next two years.

“The more I learn about the state of ICBC, the more deeply disturbed I am. It is in a financial crisis. Changes have to be made.”

Eby adds he’s surprised many ideas put forward over the years to help drivers save money were not implemented.

“The mystery to me about ICBC is that there are so many ideas that are really good ideas around making rates affordable for British Columbians and making rates fair –rewarding good drivers and making sure bad drivers actually pay the costs that they impose on the system.”

He’s already said he’s not bringing back photo radar or introducing no-fault insurance, but he is willing to consider capping pay outs for minor injuries.

Just last month, Liberal critic Andrew Wilkinson said the NDP was to blame for ICBC’s financial problems. This came following the release of a new report by the crown corporation, which pointed to possible rate increases for auto insurance unless “significant reform” was seen.

“They’ve just told us what they will not do –looking at potential increases in their ICBC premiums,” said Wilkinson after a press conference on July 24th. “Where is the leadership here and what are they going to do? They’ve got to tell us.”

Wilkinson claims the New Democrats are wasting time.