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Parents reminded to talk about safety, following attempted abductions

Last Updated Aug 17, 2017 at 8:06 pm PDT


Supervision and the buddy system are key strategies parents are urged to talk to their kids about

Attempted abductions have been reported in Prince George, Edmonton and Thompson, Manitoba over the last week

VANCOUVER (NEWS) – There’s been a concerning number of attempted child abductions over the past week in three cities across Canada.

That’s according to a watchdog group, who is taking this opportunity to remind parents to talk to their children about safety.

Christy Dzikowicz, director of missingkids.ca at the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, says it’s something you should be doing on a daily basis, and not just when something bad happens.

“One of the things we’re a bit guilty of hearing about bad things in the news and that causing us to talk to our child in that moment on that day, when really, as we know with kids in general, pretty much everything we teach them has to be done on a consistent basis,” she explains.

Dzikowicz says there are two main strategies parents should be discussing, the first being supervision.

“When we’re talking about little kids –five, six-years-old– they need to have supervision at the park,” she says. “When we’re talking about little kids, supervision is the only way to keep them safe.”

The second strategy is the “buddy system”.

“We can use different language when we’re talking to older kids –because the buddy system doesn’t sound so cool when you’re 16– but making sure you’re traveling in groups. It’s such a simple concept but it is absolutely the most profoud safety strategy there is.”

Attempted abductions have been reported to police in Prince George, Edmonton, and Thompson, Manitoba this week alone.

Dzikowicz is thankful these recent reports were unsuccessful, but it’s important for everyone to be alert and aware in order to prevent any future tragedies.

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