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The The Fair at the PNE: Stephanie Florian taste tests the all new cricket burger


Gotta leave it to Brian Jones from Gourmet Burgers to up the foodie ante this year at The Fair at The PNE…going above and beyond all burger creations in past years, his cricket burger made headlines! Happy to say I had the privilege of taste testing the bug burger myself! Packed with protein, eating this burger was like challenging myself to my own game of fear factor! Wow….well I did it and lived to tell the tale! From Legends of Hockey to eating a giant Big Pickle Dog….let’s just say I exceeded my caloric intake for the day but had a ton of fun doing it.

Sunday I started my day by running the 4th annual PNE Donut Dash with my young son Cash. Nothing like eating churros and mini donuts along your running route….only at The Fair, only at The Fair! Yes, once again I exceeded my caloric intake for the day but this time before 11am!

I also checked out the first every Watch and Learn makers fair at the Queen E and with Etsy Vancouver onsite and craft beer, here’s hoping this event grows and becomes a bigger, better gathering year after year!

The Fair is on Vancouver!

Looking forward to seeing you down at the fairgrounds,

Steph Florian