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There hasn't been gunfire in Abbotsford this month

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There were two deadly shootings in August, but none this month

Police say two gangs are 'going at each other'

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS 1130) – There were a number of shootings in Abbotsford over the month of August — two of them deadly — but so far this month, there hasn’t been any reported gunfire.

Just last week, police arrested three people linked to the ongoing Lower Mainland gang conflict and they were charged with several offences.

Overall, Abbotsford is a safe city, if you ask Police Chief Bob Rich. “We have the lowest crime rate of anywhere in the [Fraser] Valley.”

He adds leaders of the Lower Mainland gang conflict don’t actually live in the Fraser Valley, although other gangsters do. “What we’ve ended up with is a fair number of the soldiers in Abbotsford, the lower-level dial-a-dope people,” explains Rich.

He says Abbotsford Police have stepped up enforcement since the recent shootings. “We’re in the bars. We’re in the gyms. We’re making sure they’re not in the places where the rest of the community is, to try and ensure the public is safe.”

Rich says his members are specifically focusing on people who may be targets of crime. “We’ve got more members up, in and around, where these young people are living. We’re checking them more. We’re checking their compliance with curfews and trying to make sure they’re not riding around with weapons.”

He explains what the current Lower Mainland gang conflict is all about. “In this case, [it’s] two South Asian gangs primarily that are going at each other pretty hard.”

One of the most recent gang shootings in Abbotsford involved an 18-year-old man who was shot while driving in a residential area.