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Approval ratings for Trudeau, Liberal Party slipping: poll

Justin Trudeau live in studio at NEWS 1130 (March 1, 2016) (Photo: Terry Chan, JackFM)

Poll finds Justin Trudeau's popularity is slipping, though overall his popularity is still quite high

Almost half of Canadians asked say it's time for a change in government

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – For the second consecutive quarter, more Canadians say it is “time for a change” in government.

The latest poll from Angus Reid finds Justin Trudeau’s popularity is slipping, though overall his popularity is still quite high.

“He was at stratospheric levels for the first year or so of his mandate [with] approval ratings of over and above 60 per cent. Today, it’s at the 50 per cent mark,” explains pollster Shachi Kurl with Angus Reid.

“As a politician, [that is] still a pretty high number — one that most politicians would aspire to. But it’s certainly is indicative of a downward trend.”

The prime minister’s popularity is higher than that of the rest of his party.

“We’re seeing people in this country indicate that they’d like to see a change in government. If an election were held tomorrow, they’d be inclined to say it’s time for a change,” says Kurl.

Almost half of Canadians polled say it’s time for a change in government. That’s the highest mark since the Liberals took office in 2015.

While Trudeau is still seen as the best leader overall, more people polled now feel the federal Conservatives under Andrew Scheer is the party that is better suited to form government right now.

(Source: angusreid.org)
(Source: angusreid.org)