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'Prolific offender' arrested after dangerous drive

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A 37-year-old has been arrested after driving a high speeds, dangerously passing others, hitting a hydrant and more

Abbotsford police say the driver resisted arrest and attempted to steal a truck before being taken into custody

Police are looking at recommending additional charges

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS 1130) – A man living in Chilliwack is in some serious trouble, after being arrested for dangerous driving offences.

Constable Ian MacDonald with the Abbotsford Police Department says officers were able to track him down through the help of the Air One helicopter.

“Lower Mainland District IRSU and the APD started a bit of a project, specifically we were looking to locate and arrest a 37-year-old man… who was wanted on some outstanding warrants for driving offences.”

The helicopter followed the driver, who was in a red Honda, all the way from Chilliwack to a shopping centre parking lot in Abbotsford.

“He was at times driving over 160 km/h in a posted 70 zone, dangerously passing vehicles and at one point he collided with a fire hydrant.”

But that’s not all. MacDonald says it was after the suspect arrived at the parkade that officers tried to take him into custody, which he resisted.

“And for unknown reasons he first resisted and then ultimately fell from the second storey down to the ground,” MacDonald says, adding the suspect is believed to have fractured his leg in the process. “He was ultimately taken into custody when he attempted to steal a parked vehicle and police caught up to him at that point.”

The man is prohibited from driving, and outstanding warrants have been executed.

MacDonald says the driver is believed to have been driving dangerously for the past couple years, and officers are looking to recommend additional charges.

“He was in breach of court conditions just by being behind the vehicle, and obviously in as far as we’re concerned in engaging in more criminal activity.”

A series of possible charges include Driving While Prohibited, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Resisting Arrest, Flight from Police, Hit and Run and Attempt Theft.

The Independent Investigations Office is now looking into whether the suspect’s injuries are connected to police action.