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RCMP appeal for information on 1994 murder of newborn twins near Princeton

(Courtesy BC RCMP)

PRINCETON – Police say the case of murdered newborn twin girls remains active more than 20 years after their bodies were found in a provincial park north of Princeton.

RCMP Corporal Dan Moskaluk is making a new appeal for information that could help investigators solve the crime.

The girls’ identities haven’t been determined but Moskaluk says the search continues for their mother or whomever might have left them wrapped in black garbage bags at Allison Lake Provincial Park.

The bodies were found on Oct. 9, 1994.

Moskaluk says in a news release it was never determined if the newborns’ mother was involved in their deaths or whether she may have been a victim herself.

Police determined both babies were breathing when they were born and would have survived if proper care had been provided after their birth.

“The autopsy confirmed that the pair were alive and healthy when they were left and would have weighed in at around 6 lbs each,” says Moskaluk in the release.

Police say investigators have looked at all medical records for twin pregnancies in BC were looked into, but they still haven’t been able to identify the mother.

“The lack of BC records on the pregnancy may indicate that the mother did not receive any care during her pregnancy in BC, or may have come from another province or country, prior to the birth,” reads the release.

The undentified babies were buried in one grave, side by side, at the Princeton Cemetery. The headstone reads “Princeton’s Twin Angels.”