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Puerto Rico damage distracts wrestler ahead of Abbotsford's WWE event

Baron Corbin (Source: WWE)

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS 1130) – It’s been almost a month since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, and the disaster has been weighing on the minds of many.

When the WWE visits Abbotsford on Monday, wrestler Baron Corbin admits he may be somewhat distracted.

“My wife is Puerto Rican. Aside from her parents, her entire family is there.” says Corbin. “She’s stressed out.”

Corbin recently became the WWE’s United States Champion, but it wasn’t easy staying focused.

“It’s been tough because you don’t really know what’s going on. I hear things that there are trucks filled with water and food, but they’re not being delivered, and there’s union issues and all kinds of crazy things going on.”

“It took us almost three weeks to get in touch with her grandfather. He lives up in the woods so there was no cell service, no power. Her aunt couldn’t drive up there because the roads were all blocked.”

Corbin is currently on a WWE tour which includes shows in Abbotsford and Seattle. “That’s the hard part of this job… sometimes you’re away from home when there’s real things are going on.”

Corbin says members of his wife’s family are leaving Puerto Rico to live on the U.S. mainland.

“It’s just a very difficult situation. We flew her grandmothers in on Wednesday — so that was a relief to have them here with us and hopefully we’re getting the rest of her family out of there this week.”

WWE Live is at Abbotsford Centre 7:30 p.m. Monday.