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Luka Gordic's family share stories of pain at sentencing hearing

Last Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 4:57 pm PDT

Luka Gordic, 19, died May 17th, 2015 in Whistler. (Courtesy Facebook)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Family and friends of Luka Gordic are sharing their stories of pain and loss in court, following the teen’s murder two years ago.

In May, Arvin Golic was found guilty of manslaughter after Gordic, 19, was swarmed by a group of people and stabbed to death in Whistler on May 17, 2015. A sentencing hearing for Golic is underway in BC Supreme Court in Vancouver, and is expected to continue over the next two days. The Crown is asking for a nine to 11-year prison term.

Tears and tensions were aplenty as one-by-one cousins, uncles, friends and Gordic’s girlfriend came up to either read their statements or have them read by the crown.

As he descended from the stand and made his way back to the gallery, one of Gordic’s uncles stopped abruptly and forcefully pointed an index finger at Golic with a stern look. Security intervened and he left peacefully.

Golic is one of four people found guilty over the death. Three other young men, who cannot be named because of their ages, were found guilty early this month — one of second-degree murder and the other two of manslaughter.

Outside court today, another of Gordic’s uncles, Gianni Buono, said it’s been a long and difficult two years for his family and now they are trying to find some closure.

“My concern is, and obviously for our entire family, but for the kids in our family who just feel the fear of being out and worrying for their own safety, knowing what’s happened to their older cousin.”

“The kids now are younger in the family, they’re out and they’re just, just that fear of the unknown. That worried feeling that what happened to their cousin could happen to them. You’re not living your young life, carefree and enjoying those times the way you should be. It’s just stressful as parents to know that.”

He can’t think of what would be an appropriate sentence for his nephew’s killer.

“To be honest with you, nothing’s fair in our eyes. There’s nothing really that’s going to be fair for us, because we’ll live a lifetime with this.”

“I made eye contact with him, and I don’t see a person with a lot of remorse there. He hasn’t displayed a lot of remorse. I felt that it was very important to be up there and press upon the court to the best of my ability, to represent our family.”

In total, 25 friends and family will have their statements read in the court proceedings.