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Chilliwack trustee should step down after post about LGBTQ-friendly curriculum, says BCTF president

Last Updated Oct 24, 2017 at 6:54 am PDT

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'Regardless of his personal views, he needs to check those at the door,' says BCTF President Glen Hansman

The Chilliwack Teacher's Association is going to raise their concerns with Neufeld

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The BC Teachers’ Federation is calling a Chilliwack school board trustee a “bigot” over comments he made on Facebook about the province’s LGBTQ-friendly curriculum.

“In 2017, words like that coming out of the mouth out of a public official that is responsible for a school district is simply unacceptable.”

That from President Glen Hansman, who says a post made by trustee Barry Neufeld that calls the province’s LGBTQ-friendly curriculum a “weapon of propaganda” is proof that he is not fit to serve in education.

“Regardless of his personal views, he needs to check those at the door,” he says. “I would suggest that if he wants to continue to share those views, then he should probably step down from his role.”

The BCTF tweeted that Neufeld has a “responsibility to ensure safe, inclusive school environments for students and staff – regardless of his bigoted views” and Hansman says he agrees.

“Students who choose to be out, have the right to do so, and schools have to accommodate them and make sure that they can do so safely,” he says. “This is not a debate anymore, he needs to get on-side.”

He says the Chilliwack Teacher’s Association is going to raise its concerns with Neufeld and their school board chair says Neufeld’s opinions don’t reflect the board.

Education Minister Rob Fleming adds that the entire education sector is on board with the curriculum changes.

In his Facebook post, Neufeld went on to say in his post that he thinks to allow children to change their gender is nothing short of child abuse and that he belongs in a country like Russia.

“I’m sure we could find enough people that would chip in the money to buy him a ticket,” To that, Hansman replies.