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Staying scary but safe this Halloween: advice from BC Children's Hospital

(Courtesy ICBC)

BC Children's Hospital recommends ditching the dark costume for something more visible

Homeowners are advised to light pathways to the door to help avoid tripping

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – BC Children’s Hospital is offering tips on how kids and homeowners can make sure everyone stays safe this Halloween and avoids a trip to the scary emergency room.

The first piece of advice is to ditch the dark costume and opt for something bright and visible. Parents should also consider attaching reflective tape, buttons and lights on their kid’s coats and goodie bags.

It’s also important that kids see where they are going, so avoid masks, hats and costumes that could obstruct a child’s vision.

“Falls are always the number one cause of injury in children; whether that’s a significant fall, tumbling down the stairs or tripping on a costume that’s too long,” nurse and trauma program manager Lisa Romein said.

Group or themed costumes are a great way to ensure kids stay together, and draw up a map of your route to ensure you always know where you or your kid are.

Homeowners can also their part to avoid nasty trips and spills by lighting pathways to the door.

“I know it’s a lot of fun to have your property dark and creepy, but make sure that the path is actually well lit, because you may be familiar with some stones along your path, but the children visiting your space are not,” Romein said.

Some of the more significant injuries can include car collisions and fireworks, which is why Romein urges drivers to slow down in residential areas, keep a close eye out for excited kids darting into the road and always making sure to follow safety instructions for fireworks.