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Neighbours upset over location of modular housing planned for Marpole

Last Updated Nov 5, 2017 at 2:59 pm PDT

The area near where new modular housing in the Marpole neighbourhood is expected to be built. (Courtesy Google Maps)

Two units are planned on West 59th and Heather

A group of neighbours says they're concerned about safety, given how close two schools are to the housing

They say they're open to housing in the neighbourhood, but Marpole doesn't have enough nearby services for people

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A group of neighbours in Marpole are planning to rally Monday morning over some modular homes coming to their area, saying the city didn’t properly consult with them.

Mike Burdick with the Marpole Residents Coalition says two units are planned on West 59th and Heather, and that they’ll likely house people who are currently homeless.

Burdick says one of their concerns is how close the units would be to nearby schools.

“They have no idea how the (housing) is going to be run, they don’t know what kind of safety or security they’re going to offer,” Burdick says.

Burdick also says the City of Vancouver didn’t effectively communicate about the planned housing.

Access to local services and a lack of viable transit options nearby are also problems for neighbours, he says.

“These people don’t have automobiles, so why wouldn’t you put it near services? So they could walk to a grocery store or walk to medical help.”

He acknowledges that the phrase “NIMBY” may come to mind for some who hear their issues, but says they do support the idea of housing the homeless in their community.

Marpole may not be the place for it, he says.

A group of mostly parents will be rallying in the area of West 59th and Heather at 8 a.m. Monday morning.