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BC is the least vacation deprived province: survey

(Bruce Claggett, NEWS 1130 Photo)

People in BC are the most likely to take all but one of their designated vacation days

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You may be exhausted and thinking hard about your vacation situation with only weeks left in 2017.

A new survey finds BC ranks as the least vacation deprived region across Canada and that means most people working in this province will use all but one of their average 16 days of vacation.

Beverly Beuermann-King is a resiliency and wellness strategist. “We know that 40 per cent of BCers like to take one or two long vacations, so more than just a couple days at a time. They’re looking at least a week in time throughout the year. That seems to be the most common way to take it and then supplementing the rest of their days with longer weekends.”

Canada’s food and beverage industry is the most vacation-deprived and most probable to leave days off, on the table. “So again, difficulty with taking that time away, it being more part-time or it being where people are working at several jobs so having that difficulty trying to get away when it’s busy, especially during the peak season.”

The survey also found British Columbians are the least likely to work during their vacation while 60 per cent of people who responded to the annual Expedia Vacation Deprivation report say they deserve more vacation time than they get.