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Park board hopes to have new dog park in place next summer

Last Updated Nov 19, 2017 at 9:46 pm PDT

(Courtesy Vancouver Park Board)

Three neighbourhoods have been earmarked for new off-leash dog parks in Vancouver

'Dude Chillin' Park' is one park that could see a new area for dogs to run off-leash

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The chair of the Vancouver Park Board says if everything goes to plan, there could be a new off-leash dog park set up as soon as next summer, at the very least in a pilot capacity.

Staff at the park board continue to look into the possibility of adding one or more off-leash dog parks in the city.

The board launched its People, Parks and Dogs strategy in April of 2016, saying it is “working on a comprehensive strategy to create safe and engaging park spaces for people with and without dogs.”

Right now, there are three main areas the park board has identified as possibilities: Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant and Grandview-Woodland.

“In these three areas, there’s really a need to find something now. We are working with staff to find out how quickly we can establish some additional off-leash areas in those three neighbourhoods,” says chair Michael Wiebe.

Staff has been refining its internal review and will be delivering its findings sometime this fall.

“Staff is currently looking at different possibilities to include new dog parks in those three areas. One specific place is Guelph Park, otherwise known as Dude Chillin’ Park, because it’s a high conflict area. Another one is Granville Loop Park,” says Wiebe.

The city currently has 36 off-leash areas.