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Salvation Army launches 127th Christmas Kettle Campaign


The annual fundraiser is being set up at 2,000 locations nation-wide

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The sounds of sleigh bells and brass trumpets are in the air around Metro Vancouver again as volunteers take to the streets for the annual Salvation Army Christmas Red Kettle Campaign.

The campaign, now in its 127th year, launched across Canada with 2,000 locations.

Nancy Armitage has been shaking bells for the kettle campaign for around five years.

“It’s an easy way for me to donate a few hours a week and I like talking to people, hear their stories, and most of the time it’s a very positive experience being on the kettles,” she said. “You hear that little bell and it brings hope, it gives hope. It’s just a signal that we’re there.”

While she hopes to raise thousands of dollars, BC’s branch of the Salvation Army has set a goal of $4.5 million, with all the money staying within the province.

“The funds raised for the kettle campaign stay in the community in which we raise them to help us feed, shelter, and clothe people, to provide jobs training opportunities for people to remove them from the cycle of poverty permanently,” Salvation Army spokesperson Deb Lowell said.

Kettles will remain on street corners and in front of stores until Christmas.