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Advocacy group calling for the end of taxing medical marijuana

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'This is a significant barrier to affordability for patients': advocacy group

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You don’t have to pay taxes on most prescriptions in Canada, but you do for medical marijuana. One advocacy group wants that to change.

Right now you will have to pay GST, PST and an HST (depending on where you are) and the federal government has also just added another tax on medical pot.

“We really think medical cannabis should be in line with these other prescription medications and accordingly exempt from all taxes,” says Jonathon Zaid with Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana or CFAMM.

He says no one should have to pay this.

“This is a significant barrier to affordability for patients with these two taxes applied on a medication. And compared to every other medication in Canada which is exempt from taxes.”

He’s calling on other people to join the cause by emailing their local representative.

The group has a pre-written letter. You can find it here.