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Popular party game gets a politically incorrect, Vancouver spin

Last Updated Dec 10, 2017 at 9:57 am PST

One of the Cards Against Vancouver possibilities. (Picture courtesy The Fictionals.)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Putting a local spin on a popular party game, the folks who brought you Improv Against Humanity have re-mixed a card game specifically for Vancouverites.

Daniel Chai is a member of The Fictionals Comedy Company, the troupe behind the monthly interactive Improv Against Humanity show. He says the group has re-mixed the classic Cards Against Humanity game, to make Cards Against Vancouver.

Chai says many of the cards were suggested by the crowd.

“Like riding the 99 B line or lounging nude at Wreck Beach. Just stuff that Vancouverites specifically can really enjoy and relate to,” he says.

“Some of the cards that we have out there include, ‘Attention SkyTrain passengers: we are experiencing delays due to ___ on the tracks. Another one is ‘Seaweed is great but next time I’m going to try ___ on my hot dog.'”

There are more than 100 white cards with local items to fill in those blanks, everything from “two inches of snow” to “Bryant ‘Big Country’ Reeves” to “a Compass Card with 69 cents on it”.

A launch party is planned for December 20th at The Rio Theatre on East Broadway.