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Tis the season for... recycling!

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According to Recycle BC, ribbons and bows are some of the items that are often thrown in the recycle bin that shouldn't

Items that can't be thrown in your "Blue Box" can be recycled at depots

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The holiday season means a lot of gifts and giving but, it also means a lot of improperly-sorted garbage and recycling once the celebrating is done.

Allen Langdon with Recycle BC says there are a few major offenders when it comes to non-recyclables.

“Three things that we’re concerned about — that we see a lot that don’t belong in the recycling — are ribbons and bows, unfortunately we can’t recycle those,” explains Langdon. “Padded envelopes, and then foil wrapping paper, those are the three kind of naughty few that we see this time of year.”

But Langdon says the good news is that many of these non-recyclable items can be discarded of properly at your local depot.

“Batteries, electronics, and Christmas lights are other things that we see people putting in their blue box. And there’s definitely lots of locations to take those back. They unfortunately don’t belong in your blue box.”

So what do you do if all your recycling doesn’t fit inside your bin? Langdon says you can find other light containers to leave the material in.

“Maybe a laundry hamper or maybe a cardboard box and leave the material and certainly we’ll take it… there’s no limit on how much recycling [our contractors will] take, so as long as it’s in a comparable container they can easily take it. And certainly we want to take as much of that material as possible and get it out of the residence as soon as we can.”

There is a full list of where to throw out what on the Recycle BC website.