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Christmas movies help BC set film production record

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Robert Wong with Creative BC says many of the Christmas movies you may be seeing have actually been filmed in BC

According to Wong, Christmas movies have helped BC hit a new record-setting year for film production

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You may not know it, but many Christmas movies showing up on your screens this holiday season have been filmed in BC.

Robert Wong with Creative BC –the agency in charge of promoting the industry– says though they may not be for everyone, the movies are great for business.

“We are up to 24 Christmas movies in 2017 alone,” he says. “They may not be the most glamorous, but they definitely are a huge economic driver to the province and to the regions where they film.”

He adds producers are just drawn to Hollywood North for a few different reasons.

“The sheer proximity to Los Angeles where most of these projects are being driven out of. Lifetime and Hallmark, they’re based in the LA area,” he says. “We have the expertise. We have the crew and the infrastructure. Of course, the tax breaks and the exchange rates are big contributors.”

According to Wong, because the movies have to air in December, they’re usually filmed in the spring and summer, so you might notice it never really looks like winter.

Christmas movies helped BC set a new record of $2.6-billion worth of production. That’s up more than 30 per cent from last year.