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Tips to avoid the ski hill rush over the holidays

Last Updated Dec 31, 2017 at 3:33 pm PDT

File photo: Grouse Mountain. (Photo courtesy Metro Vancouver)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Winter break means a rush to the ski hills. But if congestion on the slopes gets you down, there are ways around it.

Mt Seymour’s Simon Whitehead¬†says it’s a popular time¬†for families and people on holiday.

“It’s been really busy as we’d expect this time of year. It’s definitely helped by the weather. When the sun comes out and we have lots of snow, everyone wants to come up to the mountains.”

To beat the crowds, Whitehead says to get to slopes early.

“Get into the parking lot before 10:00 a.m. There’s nothing nicer than skiing as the sun’s going down, watching all the lights turn on in the city beneath you. It’s pretty spectacular.”

Grouse Mountain’s Jodi Westbury agrees. She says to avoid arriving around midday if you can help it- that’s when ski schools let out and then start up again.

Whitehead also recommends carpooling or taking a shuttle to ease congestion and get on the slopes faster. Having to park in far-away lots can often be a source of frustration and result in less time on the slopes. Grouse Mountain has added extra shuttles for the holiday season in preparation for the rush.

If you’re not a skier but you always get roped into going up, the mountains are thinking of you. Seymour has tubing, tobogganing, and snowshoe trails. Grouse and Cypress offer similar activities.