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BC community buzzing after Trudeau vacations in Revelstoke

Last Updated Jan 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm PDT

Stephanie Froese

People in Revelstoke were very excited to see the Prime Minister while he was vacationing in southeastern BC

The city admits while Revelstoke has become well-known for skiing and mountain biking, every bit of exposure helps

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – People in southeastern BC are still talking about a visit from a pretty high-profile Canadian earlier this month.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drew quite a bit of attention while vacationing in Revelstoke, and it turns out the city is grateful for the exposure.

Nicole Fricot with the city says people were very excited to see Trudeau out on the ski hills and in a local restaurant — and their reactions were, well, Canadian.

“And a lot of the people there were excited but they didn’t want to approach him so they just, they look but they try not to interfere — it’s pretty cute actually. But they do get really, really excited about it.”

While Fricot admits while the community has become quite well known for skiing and mountain biking, every little bit helps.

“And having anyone high profile who draws attention to that, from the tourism sector’s perspective, we love it. We think it’s a great thing.”

Frico adds last year has been very good for Revelstoke in terms of regular exposure. A movie was recently filmed there as well, bringing people like Rachael Leigh Cook among other well known names to work on the project.