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Former transportation minister accused of ignoring ICBC report

(John Ackermann, NEWS 1130 staff photo)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – BC’s Transportation Minister says she’s shocked a report –which could have saved ICBC hundreds of millions of dollars– was shelved by the man who had the job before last year’s election.

This latest revelation involves an independent review ordered by former Transportation Minister Todd Stone more than three years ago.

Recommendations included setting limits on ICBC payouts for minor injuries, as well as making high-risk drivers pay more for insurance.

The NDP’s Claire Trevena says the draft report –dated December 2014– contains seven pages not included in a final version later made public by Stone.

“I’m absolutely shocked about it. ICBC is facing serious financial problems and it appears that the previous government had recommendations which could have stopped some of the bleeding and chose to ignore them.”

Trevena says she doesn’t understand why the previous government didn’t act sooner to protect ICBC.

“It is something that we’ve been very proud of. It was established under an NDP government and it’s something that I think the people of BC are very lucky to have, but we really need to work hard to ensure that it can continue to work for the future for all motorists in BC.”

Trevena adds she has reviewed the draft document prepared by Ernst & Young which was initially obtained by the Vancouver Sun’s Rob Shaw.

We’ve reached out to Stone for comment, but the Kamloops-based MLA considered a frontrunner to replace Christy Clark as party leader, hasn’t been available.