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Brokers claim Canucks ticket sales up compared to last season

(Ann Schmaltz, NEWS 1130 Photo)

StubHub says Canucks tickets on the secondary market are up 20 per cent over the previous season

The Canucks may not be playing well, but that doesn't mean people don't want to see them

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Fans of the Vancouver Canucks, who don’t mind watching them lose, are being credited with boosting ticket sales on the secondary market.

The team is still considered a big draw for diehards seeking cheap seats.

“It actually drives up volume on the secondary market and on sites like StubHub because you can get in for cheaper prices, so if you are a diehard Canuck fan or a diehard NHL fan, there’s actually deals to be made,” explains StubHub’s Cameron Papp.

He adds sales are up 20 per cent from last season, even though the Canucks are not expected to make the post-season.
“They are actually up comparatively year over year because there [are] more fans looking at the secondary market.”

NEWS 1130 asked him if he had any concerns about selling more tickets, but not making as much money. “Well, there’s no question sales do better when the team performance on the ice is doing well. The market works both ways.”

He adds the only other teams in Canada with stronger sales are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens.

Papp says sales for this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game in Florida are up about 13 per cent compared to Los Angeles last year. “The fact that it’s in Tampa this year, the team’s success this year and over the last couple of years have really driven the market demand in usually a non-traditional NHL market.”

Across the NHL, he says the top selling teams are the New York Rangers, Vegas Golden Knights and Chicago Blackhawks.