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Renewed avalanche warning for the North Shore

Last Updated Feb 3, 2018 at 11:02 am PDT

FILE: Members of North Shore Rescue. (Courtesy North Shore Rescue)

Unstable conditions on the North Shore mountains prompts fresh avalanche warning

Warning to stay in-bounds as crews worry about potential slides this weekend

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Crews are once again telling people who don’t know how to handle bad conditions in the backcountry to consider staying home.

Another warning has been issued about the risk of a potential avalanche on the North Shore mountains this weekend. Crews say a mix of low temperatures and freezing rain means the ground may be unstable.

North Shore Rescue Team Leader Mike Danks says it’s in your best interest, to stay in-bounds. “You need to have adequate training so you can understand the terrain you’re getting into and know what to look for so you can avoid going through avalanche terrain and possibly getting caught up in any slide that happens back there.”

Danks adds you also need to dress properly for the conditions.

“It is really frustrating because, again, we’re doing our best to get the message out there, but more importantly, we want people to enjoy the backcountry but we want them to do it safely and you need to have the appropriate equipment and clothing and training to do so. We always recommend that you travel with at least one other person and have, at the very minimum, the 10 essentials. In the winter, you need to have your avalanche safety equipment if you’re going to be going in uncontrolled terrain.”

On Friday, NSR had to rescue a hiker on the BCMC Trail who was wearing just jeans, skateboard shoes and a hoodie. Danks says people who don’t follow the rules not only putting themselves, but potentially rescue crews at risk as well.