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Canadians love lovin' in their automobiles

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Three-quarters of Canadians admit to becoming intimate in a vehicle

Baby boomers report higher rates of intimacy in vehicles than millennials

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you’re looking for a way to rev up that love life, a recent survey suggests you might want to try being amorous in your automobile.

Three-quarters of Canadians have done it, according to a survey for autoTRADER, and 41 per cent say it’s happened multiple times.

“Despite technology dramatically transforming dating culture, something about getting hot and heavy in a car transcends generations and has stood the test of time,” says psychologist and relationship expert Nicole McCance.

“The majority of Canadians described this amorous activity as ‘fun and exciting,’ or ‘naughty and risqué’ — it’s a new, playful side of Canadians that we haven’t seen so overtly before.”

Interestingly, Boomers (aged 55+) report being more experienced with being intimate in a vehicle (79 per cent), yet their younger millennial counterparts (aged 18-34) aren’t far behind (65 per cent).

What keeps bringing Canadians back to their vehicles to express their affections?

The study suggests ‘riskiness’ is the most influential factor: in fact, almost half (46 per cent) of millennials report the risk appeal is a turn on. In today’s time-crunched, ‘communal-living-is-the-norm’ culture, more than one third (36 per cent) of respondents also said they value the “convenience factor” of it all.

McCance suggests it might be easier than you think to convince your partner to take a spin out to the local lookout for a car date, but communication is key.

“Your partner can’t read your mind. They might be pretty happy with how the relationship is going in terms of spicing things up, but letting them know you want to do something different, people are usually open to this, it’s just a matter of bringing it up,” she tells NEWS 1130.

“I’ve even had clients leave some lingerie on their partner’s front seat at the beginning of the day so he sees it and thinks about it all day at work. Then you can put on the lingerie for him and enjoy each other after dinner when you go for a drive. Just don’t try this and drive,” she laughs.

McCance also recommends turning the the stereo off before shifting into drive.

“You’d think people would want some R&B pumping in the background, but the survey finds the majority of people want no music. I think it’s because people just want to focus on each other with no distractions.”

The poll also suggests that if you are looking for a spark, leave the electric vehicle at home.

“The roomier the better,” McCance explains. “Baby boomers prefer minivans, which makes sense if you think of a minivan as a bed on wheels. Most people love SUVs. Millennials are more likely to have intimate encounters in convertibles with the top down and even in the back of pick up trucks,” she adds.

When it comes to a car’s frisk-factor, the survey suggests a smooth and sexy luxury vehicle wins over a fast and furious sports car (35 per cent vs. 25 per cent). Nearly a third of Canadians (31 per cent) agreed that a large and roomy SUV, and even a safe and reliable sedan, have lots of love potential (31 per cent and 22 per cent respectively). In contrast, eco-friendly hybrid/electric cars (11 per cent) and motorcycles (ten per cent) don’t get Canadians revving up for romance.