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Canadians heading to Playa del Carmen urged to exercise 'high degree of caution': feds

(Hana Mae Nassar, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Canadian travelers to Mexico's Playa del Carmen region are being urged to exercise a high degree of caution

A travel advisory has been issued for a popular tourist region in Mexico after a second bomb was found on a ferry

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Just in time for spring break, Canadians are being warned to be careful if they’re travelling to a certain part of Mexico, after an explosion on a ferry carrying tourists to Cozumel hurt more than 20 passengers last month.

Another bomb found on a tourist ferry to Playa del Carmen last week did not detonate, but the federal government has issued a security warning for anyone visiting the popular east coast town located south of Cancun.

Claire Newell with Travel Best Bets has been telling her clients to be more aware of their surroundings when heading to that popular destination. “And not to leave their resorts unless it is during the day with a tour company recommended to them, either from the hotel or their travel agent prior to booking and some people will avoid taking those tourist ferries altogether.”

Newell says the whole Riviera Maya region has been the most popular destination for her agency this year, and only a few clients have reached out to her for advice.

“I don’t think that they need to be worried about going down to the area. Two million people travel to Mexico every single year. It is probably the most popular country to visit for hot spots and it is generally safe.”

She’s not suggesting cancelling your trip, but Newell recommends Canadians register at the federal website.

A similar advisory has been issued by the United States for citizens from that country, which has banned all government employees from going to Playa del Carmen until further notice.