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Electric vehicle bill set to go to Vancouver City Council this week

(Photo by Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

Right now only one in five spots need to have access to charging ports

The bill goes to Council on Wednesday

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Get ready to see even more electric vehicle charging stations around Vancouver.

Councilors are expected to approve a motion, that would require any new multi-unit residential buildings to have a charging station for each residential parking spot.

Ian Neville, Climate Policy Analyst for the city says while it may not be needed now, but will be in the future.

“Recognizing that buildings are going to be around for several decades, we expect that most of the cars on the road are will have a plug on them by 2050. So we are making sure that those buildings are ready to take people who want to charge their car at home.”

Right now only 20 per cent of parking stalls at new residential buildings require an EV charging port.

“We really want to enable that and ensure that a home electrical upgrade is not necessary in order for you to get yourself into an EV if that’s what you want.”

The motion goes to City Council on Wednesday.