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Kayakers protest Kinder Morgan in Elliot Bay near Seattle

Last Updated Mar 19, 2018 at 6:58 am PST

(Courtesy Mosquito Fleet)

SEATTLE (NEWS 1130) – Kinder Morgan protesters have taken their rallies south of the border.

A group of about 30 kayakers with the Mosquito Fleet floated alongside a tanker in Elliot Bay near Seattle, inbound from BC.

Matt Krogh with Stand Earth was one of the kayakers on the water today. He says they want people in Seattle to know what’s happening in their waters.

“If the Trans Mountain Pipeline is allowed to move forward, there will be a dramatic increase in the amount of tar sands moving through the Salish Sea, and the threat it poses to the ecosystem,” says Krogh.

“When people hear what the real state of affairs is in the waterways of the Salish Sea how much threat there is, they want to do something.”

Kayakers had a banner that read “Stop Kinder Morgan”. Krogh calls the protest a success, and fellow protester Kurits Dengler agrees.

“We really want to call attention to this project and show that not only are the potential impacts international, but the resistance is as well,” says Dengler. “There’s power in numbers and we are on the right side of history.”

He says so far protesters have done well in getting attention from Kinder Morgan.

“They can expect resistance.”

More protests are planned for the coming week at the Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby site, as well as another protest on the American side of Avenue 0. Ralliers are expected to call for a stop to the Trans Mountain Pipeline in San Fransicsco tomorrow.

Yesterday a massive protest in Burnaby ended with 28 arrests because protesters violated a court injuction by zip tying themselves to the Kinder Morgan work site gates.