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Tryouts for local boxing charity event are fast approaching

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Tryouts will soon get underway for an annual charity event to raise money for a Vancouver gym

Fundraiser to help at-risk youth and women backed by the local bar and restaurant industry

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Let’s get ready to rumble. Restaurant Rumble that is. Tryouts for this year’s charity boxing event are being held next weekend.

It’s put on by Aprons for Gloves, a group of Vancouver bar and restaurant industry professionals who get together every year to raise money for the Eastside Boxing Gym.

Every boxer must raise $2,000, with the proceeds going towards gym programs for women and at-risk youth.
Coach Dave Schuck says the time between tryouts and the main event can go by fast.

“You got three months. That’s why it’s pretty intense and it’s not just showing up to the gym three days a week. It’s changing your lifestyle. Like, we’ve had people lose tremendous amounts of weight. We had one guy lose 60 pounds in three months.”

He adds what they want people to try and do is make a difference.

“Basically, what we’re looking for is people that have an interest in what we’re trying to do here, [to] develop a community-based gym that has outreach programs for kids, women that are victims of domestic violence, not just get in the ring and box. It’s not a vanity project.”

Tryouts are next Saturday and Sunday at the Eastside Boxing Gym.

The fight night itself is Jul. 27 at the Commodore Ballroom.